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That smile…

A hug with its warmth penetrating right to her core..An embrace so welcoming and promising, that Ameena had never wanted to break free of it. Ameena would always have the audacity to delay putting down the spoon every time her mother cooked her those devouring delicacies.

She would bolt home at the end of the day to always see the epitome of love and kindness waiting for her at the door. Her mother had indeed been entirety personified.

A tear trickling down her cheek brought Ameena back from a trip down memory lane. The adrenaline rush was back, as she could hear the chitter chatter behind that colossal door quite vividly. An audience, no, the world holding its breath in lieu of the speech of the first UN Women President. Even more astounding was the ethnicity of this President- who was a Kashmiri from Pakistan.

Ameena Razzaq Khan now swung open the door and promptly walked up the stage; her destiny awaiting. She pensively mused how the inquisitiveness of the audience -at her election as President- was so resonating albeit being contained.

However, the mere thought of her mother overwhelmed all her mounting emotions.  The woman who had endured pain and sacrifices with the bravest heart and the widest smile. Even now, after 30 years, Ameena reminisced an unwavering spectacle of her mother being taken away by enemy guerrillas in Kashmir.

That smile never faltered.  And it was that very same smile that Ameena now used to greet her audience.

By Rania Shafiq 


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