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Anwa o iqsaam kay foodies


I was watching food pictures on a food forum when my eight year old who had just returned from school walked in and asked ‘’ Baba what are you doing?’’  I said ‘’nothing’’, and continued watching when he asked ‘’ aap har waqt ye khanay ki pics kyun daikhtay hain’ .I said ‘’ I am foodie’’ and I explained to him what foodies are but his last question hit me like that apple hit Newton’s head and that was ‘’aap konsay walay foodie hain?’’ This was it! I started thinking kitnay type kay foodies hotay hain dunya main aur main konsa hoon. I started noting down the types.

  1. Welay o farigh foodies : I particularly fall under this category, we find likeminded people  and happen to jump into every post as team, answer every question.    We are very social and use comments section as chat box. We are the major reason most of the people turn off the notifications for their own posts. We also realize we can be real pain for the sophisticated ones. Such foodies are also very concerned if they  don’t get a notification of a new post in the group every ten seconds. The first thing we do is check whether are we still members of group or we have been said goodbye.


  1. Dictator foodies: These are the foodies who happen to keep an eye majorly on all but specifically on type 1 foodies, they want to control their comments, the length of their reviews, their paragraphs in a review etc etc . They also work as team and normally like to see the world and members to follow their norms, rules etc .Ye dosron ko criticize karnay k liay apnay friends ko bhi post main bula letay hain, but they mostly fail because the above mentioned foodies are very ‘’thick skinned’ .Police foodies mostly leave frustrated and crying ending up tagging others for help.


  1. Recommendation mangnay walay foodies: These are type of foodies jinki posts aap har dosray din dekhain gey, ‘recommendations for falanaa cuisine, best place for hi-tea, best meetha in town etc etc’. Lekin aap in foodies k reviews kabhi nahi dekhain gey k ‘recommended by falaana foodie I visited that place’. Ye sirf recommendations lety hain khana ye restaurant main usi waqt khatay hain jab inko koi invite karay ya inko pata chal jaye k falana restaurant negative review pe free voucher deta hai.


  1. Shorthand foodies: In foodies k pas har review k liay zyada sey zyada 10 words ka ‘easy load’ hota hai. Aksar auqaat to ye dish ka naam b likhnay ka bhi takalluf nahi kartay aksar pic laga k in main sey kuch hasthags use karta hain #imadeit # iateit #lovethis restaurant #patheticfood aur banda sochta sochta marr jata hey k ye ‘picsaw puzzle’ main item hai kya.


  1. Michael SHOW”MAAR”KER  foodies:. Naam pey na jaayain. Inn foodies ka F1 racing sey utna hee taaluq hey jitna mera acha khana bananay sey. Ye woh foodies hotay hain jinki har post main food sey zyada inki car hoti hey. Inkay cameray ka focus in ki car steering pe banay logo ko , dashboard waghaira ko zyada focus karta hai .Haan pic k 1 konay main aap ko 1 chota sa biscuit ya mcdonalds ki 40 rupees wali icecream nazar aayegi jiski tareef woh HäagenDazs Sey bhi zyada kar raha hotay hain.


  1. Check-in type foodies : Ye who foodies hain jinko sab ko batana hota hey k who kahan hain lekin aksar food group rules ki wajah sey woh check in nahi daal saktay. Aisay foodies ney apnay pas ‘Firoun’ k zamanay ka aik chaye ka cup ya Koi expired unopened chocolate bar type ki koi cheez har waqt rakhi hoti hey. Aur ye apnay resort, hill station . Sumandar waghaira ki pic main thori si jhalak us chocolate ya Firouni chaaye ki dikha k post dal detay hain.


  1. Bohat gharelo foodies: Is type k foodies har forum pe utnay hee helpful hotay hain jitna take away sasti biryani ki sakht boti tornay k liay plastic ka spoon. Aap koi bhi restaurant recommendation mangain, best steak sey ley k salim bakra roast tak ki, aap k har sawal ka ink pas aik hee jawab hoga ‘’homemade’’ . Yeh aap k ghar ko aap sey zyada jantay hain, aur aap ko pata hee nahi tha k aap who specific dish apnay ghar bhi bana saktay hain. Yeh bahir khanay ki khwahish k sakht khilaf hotay hain. They think k unka ‘’homemade’’ comment bohot helpful hey.


  1. Entrepreneur Foodies : Ye skilled aur doers type k foodies hotay hain aur ye apnay passion ko apnay profession main change kar letay hain. These foodies are the reason jinki wajah sey bohot saray logon ko rozgaar mil raha hey. They are trend setters aur role models for many.

The list can be endless, but the ones that I discussed above are the most in encounter in every food forum I am a member of. No food forum is complete without such types.

Written by Rasikh Mehmood

Rasikh is a UAE based blogger whose life revolves, rotates and orbits around food, that too religiously


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