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A Defeat

She sat. She sat there listening, mustering up every inch of courage from her body.

Quietly condemning plans being made for her future; just behind that colossal oak door. She pensively thought to herself, how easy it was for her foster parents to just sell her off to the first one who came knocking. There you go: social duty done! A few months prior, she could never even have imagined that her dream of going to Harvard would be dissolved so very quickly at the cost of a reasonable marriage.

She was yet another social project for this pair of rather pompous individuals, who cared about nothing more than elevating their social label. She concluded that she was another tool, working since the past nineteen years, only to accentuate praise for this couple. Taking her up as an orphan, her foster parents had always propelled her towards nothing short of the best.

But today, she couldn’t help thinking why they’d do that when in the end they had doted on her only to lead her to the biggest defeat.

A defeat to her own self, defeat to her self-respect, a defeat to her being…

Written by Rania Shafiq

The writer is an incorrigible, rather ardent teenager particularly passionate about tragedy, gender equality and chocolate.


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