A happy boy

A happy boy, a young happy boy, a smiling young happy boy.

Raised by a mother whom he saw cheating on his father

Neglected by his drunk father whom he saw always hurting

Lost innocence at the age of 14 to a prostitute for few bucks

Raped by his teacher for only to get accepted

But a happy young boy never seized to love

Fell in love with a cheating wife of his neighbor

But he never stopped loving

Even for few bucks he never stopped loving with a shining smile drank to remember his father

Roaming, jumping ,playing around the block on the road

With the girls, sometimes with their toys, sometimes with their bodies

Searching and longing

The boy, that man like his father

That boy with the instinct of his mother

That boy with idea of his teacher

Never stopped loving.

By Salman Tariq

Salman Tariq is a business graduate from the middle of few cities of Pakistan. He is a reader, a writer, the one who always looking for pleasure in words and in a desperate struggle to reform education.


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