You, yourself and you

You find them lurking in every corner; quite often you won’t even spot them, standing shrouded in your very own midst. Well, who else could I be talking about if not: green-eyed monsters. Those of you unfamiliar with this term (who btw have no reason to be) should know that this is jealousy personified!

I ask you today, why do you wish to emulate somebody else? Why not develop your own personality and character? Why dissolve your own identity at the cost of a few layers of makeup from Anarkali? Truth be told, this merely goes on to show how insecure you are in your very own skin. This brings me to a quote I recently drafted *clears throat*

Try and be indifferent rather than being insecure.

And I hope against hope that I haven’t rephrased a similar quote and called it my own.

Anyways, getting back to the point, I may sound harsh but with the current states of minds, a reality check is long overdue. Someone who is prettier than you will always and forever stay prettier than you. No matter how meticulous you are about your contouring or your under eye concealing. This brings me to saying that there will always be someone out there who is better than you. One way or another (nope, I’m not a directioner). So why fret over your imperfections, when you can accept them and put your mind at ease? Why follow up on someone when you can create a mark of your own?

But then again, jealousy is an art. And a fine one at that, for it takes a lot of guts to recognize the fact that someone out there is one step ahead of you. For the sake of self-respect, it takes a lot to muster up the courage to confess that you’re not the best!

And for all you know, a green-eyed monster out there might be jealous of you!

Written by Rania Shafiq

The writer is an incorrigible, rather ardent teenager particularly passionate about tragedy, gender equality and chocolate


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