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Best Fawad Khan Gifs for Every Occasion

Fawad Khan Gifs for Every Occasion

We know that Fawad Khan is a heartthrob of millions of girls across the world (that’s right, he’s got fans all over the globe) but Fawad’s also a very good actor and did you know he started his career with comedy? So he’s not just a pretty face! There’s oodles of charms, tons of charisma and a truckload of talent.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite expressions a la Fawad which you can use every day. Or just stare at them to see just how beautiful he is.

gif (23)
when bois offer their unsolicited opinion, thinking it’s all dope af
gif (6)
but then they realize they were being stupid
gif (8)
when u look up to see if the ac is still working coz it is HOT AF
gif (12)
biryani feelz
gif (5)
humble laugh feels when someone does tareef
gif (7)
when ammi tells u biryani khatam hogai
gif (21)
dreaming of bae. or biryani.
gif (24)
when u want to convince ur friend to go watch a sahir lodhi film with u to share the pain
gif (10)
thursday feels thinking of the weekend
gif (25)
waiting for
gif (3)
when the light dawns on bois and they realize they should be feminist af
gif (22)
gif (4)
when ur crush says she’s into nerds
gif (9)
sharamz feelz
gif (26)
when ur friends want burgers instead of biryani
gif (11)
when u can’t help but be fly af
gif (2)
when ammi wants to hug you in public




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