Some universal desi myths

Being Pakistani, many of us have grown up believing the stories told by our elders. Most of which we still religiously believe in. But thanks to google, we have successfully tackled many. Here are a few Desi Myths that you may relate to! 



  1. No Perfume for Children! 


Because Churails are attracted to sweet-smelling innocent children. 


  1. Crying shrinks eyes.  


             Have the Chinese been crying all their lives? 


  1. Lying blackens the tongue.

    boy-black-tongue-18489774Yeah right! All these liars and no black tongues? 

4. Hiccups? Eat sugar. 


Let’s just keep doing this one because it really helps at times. 


  1. Don’t make faces. Aisay hee reh jayen gai 


 6. Don’t swing your leg. Shaitan swings on it. 

 Yeah because he is bored and has no life.


  1. Chiriya le gayee… 


Such an evil world! 


  1. Every vegetable is a potato.

    Tell me about it bro. Just eat it! 

 9. Went out with open hair, got sick, nazar lag gayee! 


10. Baby caught cold. Another nazar attack, ladies and gentlemen!

 Trust me, no one even cares to look at your baby.

Love it or hate it, we have all lived it and will continue doing so for a few more lives.

Written by Samin Alam Qureshi 


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