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How to be single as a Pakistani living abroad?

Whether you are already in a long distance relationship or you are trying to avoid getting into a relationship abroad, this guide will help you be single for however long you are living abroad.

By the way, before we begin let me announce.


Step 1: Make sure the only friends you make are Pakistanis. They are probably going to be boys so don’t worry because Pakistani girl studying abroad? Astaghfaar.

Step 2: Hang out in groups of more than 3 boys, girls know that you are a SHIKARI and they just don’t bother to look.

Step 3: Do not dress up but if you plan to do so, remember to follow step 2 as well.

Step 4: Beeros before hoes!


Step 5: If a girl calls you over, abort mission.

Step 6: If a girl decides to come over, MAYDAY MAYDAY. Call for backup, preferably two of your SHIKARI friends.

Step 7: If you are sitting alone at a public place, stare at every girl possible. This way they might understand that you are a SHIKARI and ignore you completely.


Step 8: Do not read a book at any public place, chick magnet I swear.

Step 9: Always be out with your boys.

Step 10: Never forget ‘ Maa baap ne parhnay bheja hai.’

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Step 11: No matter how many hints a girl drops, stay strong and remind yourself of step 10.

Step 12:  Be entirely religious and remember, the life of this world is just an illusion.

Tried and tested! Sealed, signed and delivered! Done and dusted! Trust me on this guys! Trust your single for life bro for this!

See you soon with another guide to whatever. Till then stay single like a boss.

Written by Shaharyar Shahzad

The writer is also a vocalist, guitarist and an amateur drummer with a knack for writing. He has been living and studying in Cyprus for the past three years.



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