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Halal Game of Thrones



Despite the lengthy and meticulous process of evolution, man has remained loyal to his feral traits even today. This by no means comes from a conservative perspective. Rather it is pretty obvious in our fancies and obsessions. It was only yesterday that I was scrolling through my social media, as uninterested as in a Math class yet doing so as an obligation more than a formality, when I came across this article about the very ‘hot’ (pun intended) TV  show “Game of Thrones”. According to the article, the aforementioned show was said to be filmed in the Northern part of Pakistan also casting the heart-throb of the sub-continent, Fawad Afzal Khan.

Being a religiously desi teen I had never even thought of watching the show as my friends had mentioned the inappropriate (what they had called erotic) content, and God-forbid how could I punish my purest eyes and cleanest mind? Astaghfaar!

But the part where Satan knocked the welcoming door of my mind and persuaded me not to miss a show that Fawad Khan will be honoring, got me to watch the very first episode of the show. How could the very halal Fawad Khan work for an ‘inappropriate’ show? One of my friends’ grandmother followed the show and yeah, she is definitely more desi than I will ever be. Hence I lulled my Pakistani heart to sleep and with yet an unsure mind, I put on the show.

With a tasbeeh resting beside me, in case ‘GOT’ got too haram, I watched the first episode and to my surprise my eyes felt the same so did my heart and my mind. There is no denial to the fact that the show does display explicit content, yet so does man to this day. Despite turning as advanced and literate as we have and may further, man is wild and feral just like any Jon Snow or Khal drogo. Yet my personal interest soon fled away and I turned back to the painstaking exercise of scrolling up and down my social media apps.

The article about the upcoming season’s setting and casting was an ‘April fool’ by the blogger. However it helped me un-shackle my desi mind for sure, till now and till date.

Written by Samin Alam Qureshi

The writer is self-made inconsistent writer with a tendency to be satirical for no profound reason.  



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