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This is a Mahira Khan Appreciation Post.

A Mahira Khan Appreciation Post.

Mahira Khan is undoubtedly the Queen of Pakistani screens.

Her face became the face of the quintessential Pakistani heroine, as she rose to success after the hit drama Humsafar. Humsafar was a global phenomenon and a lot had to do with Mahira Khan’s appeal. Just look at how cute she is.

gif (14)

In a seemingly dukhiyaari role, Mahira Khan brought a certain strength and modernity to her character.

gif (15)

She was later seen in many movies in Pakistan, such as Ho Mann Jahan and Bin Roye. Mahira’s star appeal stood out and became a strong reasons why these movies did well at the box office.

gif (13)

And then there was Raees, where she starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood.

gif (17)

We can’t blame you if you swoon. We’re still not over this chemistry.

Mahira Khan also positively slayed in this ad where she was classy and powerful, strong and emotive.

gif (16)

Never change, Mahira. And keep slaying like you do.

gif (18)


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