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Phillauri – review.


Anushka Sharma – as Phillauri/Shashi

Diljit Dosanjh – Phillauri

Kanan – Suraj Sharma

Written by – Anvita Dutt.

Directed by – Anshai Lal.

Produced by – Anushka Sharma, Kanesh Sharma & Fox Star.

Spoilers ahead.

A film that dragged towards the end of the second half, Phillauri is equal parts fun and flimsy.

Anushka Sharma stars as eponymous Shashi/Phillauri, a girl from the small town of Phillaur, Punjab in the early 1900s. She is the sister of the local doctor who disapproves of the frivolity of music and dance. She secretly writes poetry and sends it to the paper where it gets published. No one knows it’s her – but eventually she tells this secret to the man who everyone thought was Phillauri, the local singer (played by Diljit Dosanjh), who she also eventually falls in love with.

Her brother finds out about this affair and beats her up and tells her that this man is not worthy of her. Phillauri (Dosanjh) vows to go to Amritsar and sends her money after he sells a song with Shashi’s words and his own voice. Shashi’s brother is convinced that he would fulfill the promise of coming back at Baisakhi and marrying Shashi and tells her that they would prepare for the wedding hence.

Phillauri does not come back and Shashi is heartbroken and commits suicide. 98 years later she inhabits a tree as a ghost and Kanan (Suraj Sharma) marries the tree out of family’s superstitious pressures. Kanan learns through Phillauri the value and meaning of true love.

The film is fun – especially when it’s about how Shashi views the world and perceives a new world. It is less fun when everything is in slow motion for the longest period of time. Go watch if you are an Anushka fan or are in the mood for something different. But if you want something fast and snappy, give it a pass.


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