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In Review – Rasm e Duniya.

Rasm e Duniya, cast, plot and review!


Rasm e Duniya


Armeena Khan – Haya

Bilal Abbas – Faris

Sami Khan – Haarib

Samina Pirzada – Mussarrat

Javed Sheikh – Tabrez

Airing on: ARY Digital on Thursdays.

Written by: Imran Nazir.

Directed by: Roomi Insha.

Plot: Haya (Armeena Khan) is the third daughter of financially weak Tabrez (Javed Sheikh). Tabrez lives in a family home where he lives on the first floor and his other brother’s wife, Mussarrat (Samina Pirzada), lives on the ground floor. She is financially secure, has two sons, one of whom (Faris played by Bilal Abbas) is in love with Haya. Mussarrat had once loved Tabrez and their match never happened but due to family pressure, she ends up marrying Tabrez’s brother, Shams. Harib is Shams’ son from his first wife. Mussarrat decides to exact her revenge from Tabrez by financially helping out his other daughters (whose husbands are not doing too well) and then making sure Haya marries Haarib, not Faris.

After much ado, Haarib and Haya are married. To Haya’s disbelief, Haarib has mental health issues and is emotionally abusive. Faris has left his home, telling his family that he has gone to London but in fact has not. Tabrez has had a stroke (as a result of which Haya was pressured into marrying Haarib) and his wife (Nida Mumtaz) tells him that Haya is happy, which in fact she knows that Haya is not. – (this is the plot summary until episode 6.)

Rasm e Duniya, reviewed on Patari.

Rasm e Duniya, review on Youtube


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